Industrial brushes

IIndustrial brushes are used in almost all industries. The performance of the brushes depends on the purpose of use and working conditions. An assortment of 170,000 types, quality and 150 years of experience in the production of technical brushes allow MINK brushes to be used in woodworking, furniture production, food processing, agriculture, metalworking, textile industry and other places where it is necessary to clean, sand, close joints and gaps, limit dust emissions, transport fragile items, etc.

Standard and custom execution:

  • Strip brushes;
  • Toothed-belt brushes
  • Todular brush conveyor belt;
  • Specially designed brush ring, disc brushes, roller brushes with shafts;
  • Brushes with metal bristles;
  • Brushes for welds processing;
  • Antistatic brushes with aluminium body and carbon fibre or ultra-fine stainless steel wire bristles;
Zick-Zack system brush segments - for polishing, cleaning For woodworking, metalworking Zick-Zack system brush with bristle from Mexico Fiber (Agave Lechugilla) cactus fibre


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